Driving becomes a Reliable & Reputable Profession in Pakistan

We can criticize, discuss the pros and cons, highlight the negative side of introducing ride-hailing companies like Careem and Uber in Pakistan but do we realize that due to these new companies in just one-year driving has become a reputable & reliable profession in Pakistan.

We live in a society where acquiring education means that you have to become an engineer, doctor or a businessman in future. Similar education oriented fields are acceptable in Pakistan, but we rarely see a person becoming a driver after acquiring a Bachelors or Master degree.

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This is what is happening now in Pakistan. Most of the drivers of Careem and Uber are educated people who have either taken driving as a part-time job or who are interested in building careers in driving. This is very encouraging and inspiring as it means that we are finally becoming a society where no job is good or bad, it is the hard work and the effort you put that counts.

In West, one of the most highly paid jobs is of drivers and maids. These jobs are taken for granted in Pakistan and are least paid. But finally the wind is changing and we can smell a breath of fresh new air in Pakistan.

It’s so fulfilling to know that 9 out of ten times when you are taking a Careem ride and you ask the driver what he is doing, he will share how he works as a teacher or a businessman and then drives for Careem as part-time job or how he/she acquired education in this field and then out of passion became a driver.

Drivers are now being paid well. Driving has become a proper profession in Pakistan for any and everybody and what’s more, it is reputable and reliable.

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