Drivers Banned to use Phone in this Country

In France, drivers have been banned to use the phone while driving. High Court has made the ruling that it is illegal to use phones for text or call purposes while they are driving.

Furthermore, if the drivers pull over on the side of the road to answer the call they will be fined 135 euros or $167 USD. Points would also be added to their driving record.

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As there have been numerous fatal road accidents in the country, an action had to be taken. The reason for the accidents was not primarily usage of smartphones while driving, but a culprit had to be chosen. So just to show that the government & court is making decisions for the people, such a ban has been imposed.

As the ruling has been issued by the high court thus it clearly makes it the law of France from now on. Only those drivers who come across an accident or their car faces a mechanical problem can make a call using their smartphones.

This ruling was made after a driver appealed to the court that he was issued a ticket just for using his phone while being parked in a traffic circle. Only the driver in the car cannot use the phone while driving, the restriction in not for other passengers. Furthermore, handsets that are in a hands-free car kit can be used as well.

Automobile Club Association which is the French version of the AAA believes that it is not the right decision to forbid drivers from using the phone after they have pulled the car to the side of the road. Yves Carras the spokesperson said that the better step would be to allow the drivers to use the phone after they have stopped the car at the side. It will make life very difficult for the drivers if they are just allowed to make a call in case there is an accident or a malfunction.