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Drinking Too Much Coffee Can Cause Migraine – Study

There is a new study that has found a connection between coffee and migraine. As per this study, if you drink too much coffee it can trigger migraines.

Patients who get periodic migraines were analyzed by researchers at Harvard and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. It was found out that three or more servings of caffeinated beverages per day can lead to a 40% higher chance of migraine that day or the next day.

If you drink one or two cups of coffee, it will not have any noticeable effect. But more than that can increase the chance of migraine.

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This is the first study of its kind, that finds a link between caffeine and migraine.

The study was published in the American Journal of Medicine. 98 volunteers were studied who were prone to migraines. It was found out that the volunteers used to suffer from headaches on those days in which they drank three or more than three caffeinated beverages. 

Caffeine can be beneficial when it is drunk in small doses when dealing with migraines, but when you have an extra cup of joe, it can result in migraines, as per the American Migraine Association