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Drastic Changes Expected in The Employment of Women at Jeddah Airport

The Saudi Ground Services Co. (SGS)—specialized in giving logistic aid for aircraft, highlighted on its Snapchat account a video depicting the women attending a training session. The featured video showed instructors encouraging the young ladies and speaking about the courses they have been given to train them into the roles of ground service technicians—their new roles.

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The question that is yet not clear is relating the deployment of women at the airport. Nawras Usamah—An airport employee informed that female uniforms have been provided to the women employees. The uniform dresses are abayas of dark grey colours with green lines same as that of the male employees who wear same colour uniforms.

The opening of new Jeddah airport next year in May would be bringing many drastic changes relating the employment of many women in the various positions.

The changes would be bringing in a new era and more open and advanced approach for welcoming the guests of the city that is known popularly as the gateway of the Two Grand Mosques.

Nawras informed that initially the women would only be employed at the counters and at places that would not be needing any challenging physical work.

In accordance with the vision of 2030, many firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are enrolling female employees in larger percentage and expecting that the turnout of the future applicants would be tremendous.

Muhammad Bin Yassin—Employed at the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) said that last year more than a hundred females were given employment and the count is expected to double in the next year.

He added that we are strongly inclined towards bringing in more female employees in the aviation sector.

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