DRAP Included Two More Companies For COVID Vaccine

Three companies are already on the list in Pakistan, two more companies have approached the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) for clinical trial and registration of the third phase of Covid 19 vaccine.

Russia’s state-owned company Sputnik-5 has applied for emergency use of its vaccine in Pakistan, a National Health Ministry official said. “This is a two-dose vaccine and will be given by syringe,” the official added, according to the Dawn.

According to the official, “In addition, the Chinese company Anhui Zefi Longcom Biopharmaceutical Company Limited has applied for the third phase trial of its vaccine in Pakistan.

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He said the vaccine was jointly developed by the company under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Microbiology.

Earlier, three companies had shown interest in Pakistan, out of which the British company Oxford-AstraZeneca and the Chinese company Green Farm are registered with Vaccine Drape.

Apart from them, there is also a third Chinese company called Ken Sino’s Biologics which is conducting the third phase clinical trial of its vaccine in Pakistan.

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The official said the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine would be sourced from the International Alliance of COVAX and private sources, while Pakistan had already booked 1.1 million doses of the synovial vaccine.

On the other hand, Usman Ghani, a representative of the Sindh Medical Store, which registered the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine at DRAP, said that due to the Indian government’s preference for locals, manufacturers did not provide a timeline for the supply of the vaccine.

According to the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC), the total number of cases of coronavirus in Pakistan is 528,891 out of which 11,204 patients have died while 482,771 have recovered. Succeed in On Friday, another 1,745 people were affected by the epidemic in the country, 47 people died and another 2,075 patients were cured.

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