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Draft Hajj Policy 2020 to be Presented for Approval on Feb 4

draft hajj policy 2020

Draft Hajj policy 2020 of the government scheme would most likely be presented in the federal cabinet for approval on the 4th of February, as per an official of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony.

He said that the package would possibly remain Rs.550,000 but the federal cabinet would be finalizing the Hajj package and the airfares.

Efforts were being made for keeping the Hajj package at the lowest possible level, but the surge in Hajj package is inevitable because of the variety of reasons which includes the imposition of new taxes, the surge in the Hajj fee, airfare, insurance fee, accommodation, the surge in Maktab and the transport charges.

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In the same way, the parity of ratio of Riyal-Rupee has also been registered which has significantly contributed to surging the Hajj package.

He said that no recommendation was being considered for decreasing or increasing the quota of the Hajj group organisers.

Additional Hajj quota if given by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, would be awarded to new HGOs.

He also said that a mobile app has been launched for the facilitation of the Hajj pilgrims. The training of the intending pilgrims would be introduced on the modern lines which include using 3d. Efforts are also being done to set up a Haji camp at Lahore.

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