Double-Decker Bus Service launched for Wagah Border

Punjab Government has made an announcement to launch double-decker bus service for Wagah Border, Lahore. Last year, double-decker bus service was introduced in Lahore by Tourism Development Corporation Punjab TDCP. The aim of the service was to show the tourists in Lahore the historical places of the city.

Now Punjab Government has added Wagah Border route to double-decker bus service so that tourist in Lahore can experience the mesmerizing parade without having any transport issues.

On 9th December 2017, the bus started operating on the new route. To reach the Wagah Border the route is this: Main Boulevard, Jail Road, Ring Road, Lahore Canal, Grand Trunk road and the final destination is Wagah border.

The service of this bus begins from Qaddafi Stadium Terminal at 2:30 pm daily and then reaches back to the terminal sharp at 6 pm. 60 passengers can sit on the bus and enjoy their ride with features like Wi-Fi and LEDs. They can watch and enjoy the historical sites of Lahore as they take a ride on this bus.

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Safety features and Hi-Tec real-time surveillance feature is part of the bus. Riders will be able to enjoy live commentary by experts.

As per Punjab Government, the goal of this project is to promote tourism and show the world the historical sites of Lahore. Rana Mashood Ahmed current Tourism Minister of Punjab is supervising this project.

If the demand for the buses increases, Punjab government will add another bus going on similar routes.

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