Double Dare is present on Facebook to play with your friends

Double Dare

Nickelodeon’s game show Double Dare is presently a Facebook game. The classic show initially broadcast from 1986 to 1993 and as of late simply made its arrival to Nickelodeon. Presently, fans will have the capacity to play a rendition of Double Dare themselves through Facebook Messenger, challenging companions and monitoring who’s on top by means of the game’s leaderboard.

To play, make a head out for Facebook Messenger, tap “Games” and sort in “Double Dare.” From there, you can open the game and begin a thread with a companion. You two will at that point answer Double Dare questions, contend in physical challenge mini-games that depend on those from the show and the game will send every player notices when it’s their turn. Play is one-on-one yet the game can be played inside a group chat.

Facebook has also added many augmented reality games in the Messenger. The move is used to make the application more engaging. Up to 6 members can play augmented reality games in their group conversation. The aim is simple and the games are amusing-making sure that the audience use Facebook Messenger for as long as possible.

You can play the Double Dare game today anywhere you have Facebook Messenger accessible.

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