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Don’t use foreign social media networks in schools—Ministry of Education Iran

The ministry of education Iran has announced to ban the usage of foreign social media platforms in the country’s schools, the ILNA news agency reported. The ministry took this step to limit the world’s influence on Iran’s children through the social media networks.

According to the reformist-linked news agency, the ministry said that the schools are only allowed to use domestic social media networks to communicate with each other.

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“Telegram” is one of the most popular social networking apps in Iran. The app claimed to have almost 40 million monthly users in the Islamic Republic in 2017. The people of Iran also use Instagram, however, Iranians use both platforms to directly communicate with the customers.

Most popular social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter are not accessible in the country because the authorities have blocked them, but the people in Iran can easily access them by using a virtual private network (VPN).

When the protests were launched in the country’s dozen of cities at the start of the year, the Iranian authorities have decided to temporary blocked Telegram. The authorities accused that the app allowed foreign-based “counter-revolutionary” groups in the world are involving in chaos and increasing the unrest in the country.

Since then, Iran’s government has decided to develop their own social platforms and limit the reliance of the foreign-based platforms.