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Donkeys Jailed for Four Days in India

In India’s Uttar Pradesh—Jalaun district—strange yet funny convicts walked out of the Urai jail. On Monday, it was seen that a herd of eight donkeys left the jail.

They were charged with destroying the expensive plants outside the jail compound as per the NDTV report.

The donkeys had to spend four days in jail because of their crime. As per the reports, the jail authorities suffered a loss of lakh rupees because of the destroyed plants.

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RK Mishra—Head Constable told ANI—a news agency that the owner of the donkeys was forbidden to let lose his animals prior as a senior officer had organized some very costly plants to be planted inside the jail premises. Despite the warnings, the owner did not put any effort in restricting his animals, so these donkeys were punished and were put behind bars.

A local politician bailed the convicts out by submitting a suitable bail amount to the authorities.

The owner was present to collect his herd at the time when these donkeys were relieved of their punishment and were released from the jail.

Later the owner mentioned that I went there to collect my donkeys. They were eight and were detained for four days in jail.

This is not something new in India, earlier pigeons had been also imprisoned there on many occasions.

Indian Police once took a pigeon in custody who was accused of carrying a warning message to the Prime Minister –Narendra Modi near the nation’s Pakistani border.

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