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Donkey King is to Release in South Korea

Donkey King

Donkey King is to release in South Korea. The movie was Aziz Jindani’s animated direction as well his script, it hit the cinemas across Pakistan in October last year and a had a great run at the box office.

The movie broke all records of the animated films in Pakistan and ran in the cinemas for 25 weeks. As per the latest reports, the film is all set to become the first-ever Pakistani movie to release in South Korea later this month.

As per a press statement, the Donkey King is dubbed in the local language and would be released in South Korea on the 28th of August 2019. This would be the first-ever Pakistani animated film to be released in theatres on a large scale in South Korea along with other international animated films which include Wonder Park and Angry Birds 2.

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As per the movie director and writer, this is a big achievement that a Pakistan movie is now reaching new audiences.

The filmmaker said that they would not just stop with the release in South Korea, they are striving to unlock other international markets too. He said that this is a big accomplishment for the Pakistani film industry as it is making new benchmarks in the international market, giving them much more exposure than they ever had before.

The film was released under the banner of Geo Films, the Donkey King follows the story of Mangu—a donkey who become king because of his luck. The film features voiceover artists Ghulam Mohiuddin, Ismail Tara, Jawad Sheikh, Hina Dilpazeer and Jan Rambo.

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