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Domestic Violence Cases Escalate amid Coronavirus Outbreak


As over 20% of the world has gone into lockdown due to the spread of coronavirus, one vulnerable group is now more at risk than ever before. Now women and children are more vulnerable to domestic violence

From Brazil to Germany, Italy, China reports have been circulating of activists and survivors that are already witnessing an alarming surge in abuse.

During the lockdown in February, in Hubei province, the domestic violence reports to police more than tripled from 47 last year to 162 this year.

A retired police officer who founded a charity campaigning against abuse Wan Fei said, “The epidemic has had a huge impact on domestic violence. According to our statistics, 90% of the causes of violence [in this period] are related to the Covid-19 epidemic.”

This is a phenomenon taking place globally. In Brazil there is an increase in cases attributed to coronavirus isolation, the Brazilian broadcaster Globo said

Adriana Mello, a Rio de Janeiro judge specializing in domestic violence said, “We think there has been a rise of 40% or 50%, and there was already really big demand,” said. “We need to stay calm in order to tackle this difficulty we are now facing.”

As per the Catalan regional government, the calls to its helpline have surged by 20%. In Cyprus, the calls to the same hotline have surged to 30% in the week after 9th March.

Annita Draka, of the association for the prevention of domestic violence, said, “It’s been a dramatic rise and it has only gone up. It’s a 24-hour helpline and the calls come in all the time.”

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