Documentary on Dr. Abdus Salam coming on Netflix on Oct 1st


A documentary on Pakistani scientist and first-ever Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Abdus Salam ‘Salam’ is coming on Netflix on October 1st.

In the teaser of the documentary, Salam said, “This is the scientific age. No one can escape it. No one in the East can. No one in the West can.”

Also, the footage of Salam receiving the Nobel Prize is added in the trailer. The trailer shows Salam alongside the Gustav of Sweden in 1979 and also meeting the Pope.

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A cleric is seen stating his achievement ‘nothing exceptional’. Adding, “This Nobel Prize awarded to Abdus Salam Qadiani is nothing exceptional, nor it is an extraordinary accomplishment in human history.”

Salam is heard saying, “The day you declared me a non-Muslim, is the day you made me a second class citizen.”

Furthermore, the trailer shows a narrator praising Salam and saying, “He was always appreciated by the western world. He was different, he looked different.”

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