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Doctors in Sindh Complain about the Shortage of Safety Kits

It has been over a month since the first case of COVID-19 has been reported in Sindh and the doctors are still not provided with proper safety kits. Yesterday in Sanghar, doctors at the Civil Hospital carried out a protest for the government condemning the lack of safety gear. They are the ones whose lives are on the threat as they deal with the virus patients daily.

The leading person from the protest Dr. Amjad Sarewal says that the safety kits that have been provided to the hospitals do not match with the recognised standards of the World Health Organization. If any doctor gets affected by the virus, the government will be held responsible for that.

And if the doctors are at risk, it will eventually cause risk for the patients who are visiting the hospital daily.

According to Dr. Shabbir Ahmed the district focal person for COVID-19 the safety kits provided by the government included; suit, cap, gloves, mask N95, shoe covers, goggles .etc. These kits are provided to those only who are working in the quarantine centers or to those who check the suspected patients. He clears that the government was not able to provide kits to each and every doctor in the government hospitals.

Another protestor Faiza said that the suspected patients go to pulmonology, ENT, Medicine and in many other wards for their checkup and the doctors sitting in these wards also require safety kits to protect themselves.

Up till now, so many complaints have been made but the health authority failed to provide the doctors with safety kits says Dr. Roshan Chandio President of the Young Doctors Association (YDA) at Liaquat National Hospital, Hyderabad.

According to him, around 1200 doctors working at the Civil Hospital in Jamshoro and Hyderabad are at risk, and most of the doctors are dealing with the patients without gowns.

Two weeks back YDA asked for contributions of 50 N95 masks and kits for about Rs.180, 000. Dr.Chandio suspects that the kits provided to the hospital are copies of the genuine ones brought from Lahore. He insisted the government take their responsibility and supply original kits to the doctors.

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