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Do Top Jobs Lead to Divorce for Women?

Women are meant to be powerful because they stand strong despite their fears. In this modern world, women are striving for a heartening career and a good relationship. It is a harsh reality that women have to face many hurdles to be successful in career.

This also happens in countries where there is gender equality. It is believed that women who are professional in politics and business cannot be a good housewife resulting in an increase in the divorce rate. According to the Swedish research, in Sweden gender-based labor markets are in the tender for thirty years.

In the country, women are more educated than men. In the 21st century, female CEO’s, corporate board members and top-level parliamentarians are among the uppermost in the world. Sweden is the country where women are not only establishing a well-built career but also living a happy married life.

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It is totally a myth that working women are not family-oriented and gets a divorce. The truth is working ladies never give on family and are tougher, stronger and braver than others.

Women without relationship can be happier but not men, study says. It also highlights that women who are top-ranked and divorced do not end up in finding a new husband for them; quite interesting though.

Captivatingly, divorce is considered attractive to a very small ration of population. According to Swedish politician Birgitta Ohlsson, for women to make the career priority is to find the right husband who’ll support her in career orientation.

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  1. A very tough subject being broached here, without any proper data. First of all, Pakistani women think that women in the West are a perfect role model to follow, and they all live in some sort of a heaven on Earth. Which is a far cry. Women in the West, particularly the highly educated ones, also have the highest divorce rate, in the U.S. I have lived in the US for the last 30 years, and have some local Americans in the family, so I have a credibility in my opinion. The divorce rate in the US is now the highest, 60% marriages end up in divorce in the US, within a year or so. The women are now more representative in the Colleges and Universities than the men. Divorce is not a stiga in the U.S. anymore, because they do not value marriage, as they did in the past. The very definition of marriage in U.S. has changed in the so called modern times. They now allow people of the same gender to “marry”, legally, this is all more for tax purposes than religious purposes, as no religion truly allows same gender marriages. So is this the type of model set we want to follow in Pakistan, where people will be demanded same gender marriages, between two women and two men? Think about, it, Seriously, West is not a Good role model to follow. We have Islam, which is the perfect model, but unfortunately Pakistani society is far away from even comprehending the true basics of Islam. Its such a shame. I learn more about Islam when I moved away from Pakistan, and all the firqaa baazi (sectarianism). Islam is very simple. Islam is and should be our role model. Not Swedish women or American or Chinese or Japanese culture, they are all lost.

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