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Divorce Parties Now a Growing Trend in Saudi Arab

Divorce parties celebration is becoming a common trend in the Kingdom, as divorced women are becoming acceptable by the society.

The disgrace that a divorced lady must experience is eliminating from the wider part of the Kingdom and hence there is even a marginal rise noticed in the divorce rate during last year that is 2017.

In earlier days, divorced women were considered unfit for remarriage and were isolated from others. This was a trend among many nations. But with changing times, the women whose marriages have ended can walk with heads held up high without the tension of social perceptions, also they could comparatively remarry much easily now.

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In recent times, divorce celebrations have become a happening trend. However, few people are not happy with the concept as they think there could be no joy in a family disintegration. While some people believe it to be a call for attracting unnecessary attention, whereas many consider it as a celebration that is done to enjoy the injustice one has endured during the marriage span.

A master’s student at King Abdul-Aziz University—Amani Al-Ghoraibi, while talking to the Arab News informed that she recently attended a divorce party. She revealed that it was her aunt’s divorce party. She said that her aunt was joyous at getting rid of her ex-husband and was relieved once all the legal proceedings ended. She further added that to celebrate the occasion her aunt rented a cabin at a resort where she along with her family went for some days to spend quality time. The family even brought her a cake.

Another thirteen-year-old shared her experience that when her father and mother separated, her mother threw a party as it had been some time she had been trying to get the divorce and when she acquired it she celebrated her joy by throwing a party.

Khula is another option for women to take separation from husband if the divorce papers are not approved by a judge. In Khula the woman must return the sum of dowry to the husband.

Mohammad Adel informed Arab News that her uncles took her aunt out for celebration after her Khula. This action was done to tell his aunt that she is not alone, and she has people around her who care for her a lot.

He further told that her aunt suffered a great deal at the hands of her ex-husband. After the Khula we decided to organize a celebration for her, Adel mentioned my aunt got super happy seeing a party solely arranged for her.

Divorce is like a taboo, not only in some specific culture but in many countries of the world. It is nice to see that people are becoming more acceptable to things. A divorce is an option for both man and woman to relieve themselves from a marital relationship that is torturous.

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