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Disqualified Ex-Prime Minister Still Putting Dent On Pakistan’s Economy Costing 1 Billion Per District

Former Disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is leading PML-N’s parade from Islamabad to Lahore on historic GT Road.

Leaving politics aside let’s just analyze how the rally would affect the business and economy of Pakistan.

It will take Nawaz Shareef two days to reach Lahore through G.T Road. The rally would leave D-Chowk, go in the direction of Blue Area towards Zero Point where other political groups would join the show. From there it would move towards Saddar via Murree Road. The rally would be joined by local leadership at Faizabad and Kachehri in Rawalpindi and then it would move towards Lahore, stopping at numerous districts.

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The reason for creating the whole picture of the route map of this rally is to tell the readers that it is better for them to not leave their homes for two days. Restrict yourself to your homes or else just remain stuck in the traffic. You might not be part of the rally and its agenda but you have to suffer due to it whether you like it or not. All business, economic and social activities from Islamabad to Lahore would have to be controlled as Disqualified Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan may be missing the leader like feeling so he has started this march.

PML-N might show their power today through this rally but it would cripple mass traveling in the country.

Around 20 districts come on the GT Road between Islamabad to Lahore. 20 districts that would have to stop all kind of business activities. This rally by Nawaz Shareef would cost around Rs 1 billion loss per district.

So with all due respect to the EX Disqualified Prime Minister of Pakistan,

Our country is already going through economic disturbance. We have taken loans from many countries to fund your development projects.  We have borrowed $10.6 billion foreign loans in 2016-17 when you were in power.  Now you have been disqualified still Pakistan will lose billions because of your rally. It is your right to Protest but every citizen of Pakistan has the right on billions of money you are wasting to achieve your purpose.