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Disney Will Leave Netflix To Start Its Own Streaming Services

Disney has decided to remove all of its content from Netflix and create its own streaming world. The announcement was made by Disney officials on Tuesday.

The company says that their content would be seen through their own streaming service that would launch by 2019. It would be Netflix-style and movies displayed would be Disney and Pixar movies and specific Disney TV channel programs.

So following the footsteps of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, Disney too would be investing heavily to create its own original content.

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Also, it plans to launch an ESPN-branded service that will show sports programming. The program would also run on an App that Disney anticipates would become “premier digital destination” for the die heart sports fans.

Disney has majority-share acquisition of a technology company called BAMTech. It bought one-third for $1 billion last year and then bought further 42% for $1.58 billion.

Disney Chairman Robert A. Iger said in the release that “The media landscape is increasingly defined by direct relationships between content creators and consumers, and our control of BAMTech’s full array of innovative technology will give us the power to forge those connections, along with the flexibility to quickly adapt to shifts in the market,”

So as 2018 ends all Disney and Pixar content would be moved from Netflix and would be placed on Disney’s own platform. So from “Toy Story 4,”, Sequel of Frozen to the live-action adaptation of “The Lion King,” everything would be part of Disney’s own subscription service.