Disney Ends DVDs and BlueRays In Australia

Physical data carriers are becoming increasingly rare, which affects all media forms, i.e. games, music, and also films and series. For providers, the costs are increasingly outweighing the benefits, and in Australia, this means that films on round discs are dying out.

The first nail in the coffin?

While that doesn’t mean DVDs and Blu-ray discs are going away overnight, it’s fair to say that Disney has nailed the first nail in its coffin. As reported by the Australian site News, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be Disney’s last DVD or Blu-Ray on the market in August.

This decision affects all studios of the media giant, including Marvel Studios and 20th Century Studios. There will no longer be any new films on Disc from now on. Older productions that still exist on these formats are still sold off, and these discs are then no longer reproduced.

Australian film fans will therefore have to resort to imports in the future if they actually want to own films. Above all, home cinema fans who value quality will struggle with Disney’s decision. Because Blu-Ray films are still the most important medium in terms of quality, which is also not dependent on an existing Internet connection and a subscription to a specific platform.

Disney has now confirmed this step, mainly Oceania is affected (with the exception of Indonesia), i.e. Australia and New Zealand in particular. It is no coincidence that these two countries are the first to do so, since sales of DVDs and Blu-rays there have been weak for a long time.

It is currently not possible to say whether and when similar steps will be taken in other countries, but many home cinema fans fear that this is the beginning of the end. Because the relevant media groups have all had streaming platforms at the start for a long time and these are also accepted by the masses. Disney’s move isn’t the first of its kind, either, as Sony Pictures stopped selling DVDs and Blu-rays in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland a few weeks ago.