Disney and TikTok collaborate to commemorate Disney’s 100th birthday

If you are a Disney lover, then we have some great news for you. Get ready to have some fun while celebrating the 100th anniversary of Disney.

In order to celebrate 100 years of Disney, the company is partnering with TikTok. Such a partnership will focus on content promotion. There will be a particular hub named Disney100 where tons of clips, quizzes, and a collectible card game will be available. It can be accessed from the For You page.

The content will be streamed on TikTok for about four weeks. Users can enjoy the different activities. Well, this is some good news for Disney fans. Notably, the Disney100 hub is live now. However, all TikTok users don’t have access to the content generated for Disney’s 100-year celebration. It is only available in 24 regions.

The main idea behind this hub is to promote perceptive videos from Disney movies and shows. Furthermore, TikTokers will have access to classical movie songs. They can make video content using these songs. Furthermore, the pages of Disney will also be promoted by TikTok. There are several games that can earn TikTokers a reward from Disney. It is basically a collectible card game that can help users collect cards and receive specific Disney characters.

More card packs and eventually more characters can be accessed by watching Disney videos and following the respective TikTok accounts. The users with the most cards will receive a Disney-themed flicker on their profile picture.

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