Discovery of Oil and Gas Reserves in Sindh

oil and gas reserves

Oil and Gas reserves have been found in the province Sindh, as per the Oil and Gas Development Company Ltd (OGDCL).

The reserves have been identified in the exploratory cum appraisal Mangrio Well 1, which is situated in the district Tando Muhammad Khan, Sindh.

The spokesperson of the OGDCL said that the well was drilled down to the depth of two thousand six hundred and seventy-six metres. It has made the testing of 10.44mmscfd gas, 120 barrels per day condensate via choke size 32/64 inches at wellhead flowing pressure of two thousand and eighty-five psi from the lower Guru B-Sand.

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In the month of April, Mari Petroleum Company Limited—a firm that is managed by the Fauji Foundation Group, identified oil in Punjab, as per the reports of Radio Pakistan.

As per the spokesperson of the petroleum division, the oil was identified from a well that was located in Gujar Khan district Rawalpindi.

He said that the discovery was made at the Dharian-1 in Ghauri block. Dharian-1 is anticipated to give 374 barrels of oil per day.

Some time back it was in reports that Pakistan is positive about finding oil and gas reserves at Kekra-1. This bit of information was shared by the Special Assistant for Petroleum at the Exxon Mobil Alex Volkov.

On January 13, the drilling work of an exploratory well—Kekra-1 began. The well would be drilled to the depths of 5,660 meters it is currently at 4,810 meters.

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