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Discovery of 2000 years-old artifacts in Peshawar

2000 years-old ancient artifacts have been discovered by archaeologists in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The metal artifacts have been found from the Peshawar’s Hayatabad neighborhood.

For the last three years, the Archeology Department of the University of Peshawar collaborated with the K-P Archeology Department to excavate the Hayatabad Phase V site.

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The artifacts date back to the 2ndcentury BC to Sateen tribe. The items found include utensils, tools, and industrial objects.

The site is being reviewed by the provincial authorities for the restoration. Then the decision to convert this site into a museum will be taken later.

Chinese archaeologists discovered artifacts that date back to 1700 BC earlier in 2019. The discovery proved that a civilization lived long before the Gandhara civilization.

Pottery, remains of metallic tools, and stone items were uncovered that revealed that there was a link with Harappa and Moen Jo Daro civilizations. Them being the two structures of the Indus Valley civilization.

This revelation will interest the students of history and professionals. By looking into the past, discovering how people before us lived, we can gain knowledge and make sensible decisions in the future.