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Discount Offers By Food, Technology And Clothing Brands In Pakistan On Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is widely celebrated on second week of May. It is a way through which children can acknowledge the effort, love, care and affection our mothers shower on us. This year Mother’s day is celebrated on 14th May 2017. Many brands, businesses and companies have offered discounts so that we can afford a luxurious gift for our mother.

KFC has come up with a unique gift for your mother.  A romantic novel has already been placed on Amazon. It is written by Colonel Sanders and it’s called Tender Wings of Desire. If your mother loves reading, grab a hand on the copy before it gets too late.

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All the food lovers know about foodpanda. Well foodpanda has come with a 30% discount offer as well as a campaign called “Make Mom Feel Special.”  On 13th and 14th May use foodpanda for free desserts and special gifts along with discounted price for food.

There is a generous sale offer on clothing brands. On ethnic by Outfitters there is 30% off for Mother’s Day. 50% discount offers by Khas Store and 30% by Taana Baana. Similarly there is 50% discount offer by   Melange. Origins 30% off, Stylo shoes 20% off, these discounts are for you to buy the best present for your special mother.

Technology companies are not far behind in these offers with Amazon giving $30 discount on Echo, $25 off on and Fire HD 8 tablet and $20–$50 off on Kindle. Fitbit is offering $20 off on Alta HR and Charge 2 $40 off on Flex 2 and $50 off on Blaze.

So all the children, youngsters and grown up adults make your mother feel special and take advantage of these offers.

Image via: WalesOnline