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Direct Flights Between Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan in Planning

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Kyrgyzstan is planning to start direct flights to Pakistan in a bid to boost investment, trade and tourism relations between the two nations, as told by the Kyrgyzstan Ambassador to Pakistan—Erik Beishembiev.

While speaking with the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) President—Almas Hyder at the LCCI, the ambassador stressed on the need of direct aerial links between Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan as these links would improve the two-way trade volume, which was not that high presently. He said that both the countries need to remain connected.

The ambassador referred to the relations between the 2 countries as excellent, which he said should be changed into growth in trade and economic relations.

The envoy said that Kyrgyzstan was interested in the progress of the shortest and cheapest transportation connects via its territory between Central Asia, Pakistan, and China. He added that the country is interested in access to Gwadar and Karachi ports by making use of rail and road networks, which are being laid under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

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The President of LCCI proposed that both nations should work in unison for boosting the bilateral trade volume, which was below potential. He added that direct flights should be started as soon as possible for giving a boost to the trade and economic ties.

He said that meagre trade between the two countries indicate that the business and economic ties between the two nations have not grown enough.

Only a few goods are being traded mainly pharmaceutical products which are exported from Pakistan whereas trailers and semi-trailers are imported from Kyrgyzstan.

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