Digital Signature to ensure online transactions security

digital signature certificate

Under the vision “Digital Pakistan” the Electronic Certification Accreditation Council (ECAC) is providing more reliable and secure digital system to public via digital signature certificate system.

The digital signature certificate allows users to authenticate identity electronically and adds the higher level of security for their online transactions by ensuring the privacy of information used in the digital certificate.

Deputy Director ECAC Wajahat Khan said on Sunday that Pakistan has been facing a challenge in making national and international transactions more secure, reliable and acceptable worldwide. He highlighted the benefits of a digital signature certificate parallel to these challenges. He said digital transformation is much needed in Pakistan, the increasing demand has pushed companies, departments and organizations to change their business models and adapt to the digital age. Any organization providing digital services to the public comes under the regulatory framework of ECAC, hence, organizations need to get themselves accredited by Electronic Certificate and Accreditation Council (ECAC), he added.

The certificates issued by the organization that is providing services are the only digital (certificates) accepted by the courts.

According to an official at ECAC, the ECAC is a full-fledged regulatory body which has powers to enforce and regulate electronic transactions both in public and private sectors, the body is mandated to grant accreditation to approved crypto apparatus and accreditation to any certificate service providers intended to work as an Accredited Service Provider.

The ECAC has accredited the National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (NIFT) and the company is now issuing digital certificates to various banks which confirm the authenticity and credibility of the information contained.

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