Digital Pakistan Policy 2016-17 Can Bring Advancement In IT Sector Of Pakistan

The government is making policies and creating strategies to transform IT sector of Pakistan and other economic based sectors. MoIT, Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications has projected Digital Pakistan Policy 2016-17 to bring advancement and growth in IT industry of Pakistan.

The Economic Coordination Committee would be submitted this proposal by the Ministry for its approval. The main aim of this policy is to realize how the role of IT industry has transformed. It should be taken in to account that development be it social or economic, speedy digitalization and fully knowledge based economy is dependent on the Information Technology.

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If this policy is approved it would lay the foundation of a complete digital eco-system in Pakistan as per an official document. It would have progressive concepts and elements for a fast delivery of next level online services, applications and content.

Moreover it will bring forward prospects for native entrepreneurs and businesses. Better opportunities to acquire essential skills and expertise that would allow young entrepreneurs to compete at global level.

In the first three quarters of this economic year 2016-2017 wide spread stakeholders, consultations in form of meetings, sessions, workshops, seminars and discussions would be held.

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