Diamer Bhasha Mohmand Dam Fund Gets Rs9.695 billion

Diamir Bhasha Mohmand Dam Fund

The Chief Justice of Pakistan and Prime Minister have received Rs9.695billion so far for the Diamir Bhasha Mohmand Dam Fund.

The nationwide contribution and collection of the fund stood at Rs8.332 billion while the remaining amount of Rs1.364billion was given by the expatriate Pakistanis, as per an update released by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

The Pakistanis residing in the United States of America are among the top foreign countries who contributed for the dam fund with a total of Rs462.6348million, followed by the United Kingdom from where a sum of Rs351.419million was received.

In the same way, the fund also was received via the SMS service of the different cellular firms in Pakistan. Ihe fund collected through the SMS service was of Rs137.59million.

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As per the details issued by the SBP, the top 10 institutional donors include the Employees of government of Punjab with a contribution of Rs1.09billion, HQ CWO SPD Rs201.093million, Pak Army Rs582.071million, PAF with Rs100.28million and Bahria Town with Rs110.12million.

In the meantime, the SBP in a circular instructed the banks not to charge any service fee which includes the interchange fee, transaction fee, merchant discount rate, etc on the payments or donations made to the dam fund via payment cards—debit or credit or prepaid.

The CJP also established a Supreme Court’s Diamir Bhasha Mohmand Dams Fund on the 10th of July 2018 for increasing funds for the making of the Diamir Bhasha and Mohmand Dams.

The court itself looks after the funds and its registrar manages the account directly.

Later, the Prime Minister collaborated his efforts with the Chief Justice for this cause.

The fund was then renamed as the “Prime Minister and Chief Justice of Pakistan Fund for Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand Dam”.

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