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Diamer-Bhasha Dam Construction to Begin Immediately

It has been directed by Prime Minister Imran Khan to immediately start construction work of Diamer Bhasha dam. He said that the water security is the primary priority of the government.

A briefing was chaired by the Prime Minister on the national water security strategy and dams construction to meet the agricultural and energy needs of the country.

Regarding the progress in resolving all the issues related to dam’s construction, the PM was briefed. The PM Khan was informed that following his directives, all the issues pertaining to the dam are resolved, and the project is ready to get launched.

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Imran said that other than the optimum utilization of the available water resources for the agricultural needs, the dams construction will aid in meeting the energy requirements at an affordable rate.

He said the use of local material and expertise will be given priority which will provide jobs to the local community and provide a boost to the national economy.

Furthermore, PM Khan stressed that Sindh Barrage needs to started as a priority project. He said that the barrage will not just cater to the agricultural needs of the province but also stop soil erosion from seawater. Furthermore, it will improve the drinking water situation for the urban centers of the province.

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