A mind-read machine has been created by scientists working at the University of California. It is claimed that this machine can translate your thoughts into words. Scientists believe that this machine can be used to create an easily-operated’ machine that will be linked to smartphones in next five years.

The mind-reading machine is completely developed and now its workings and operations are under discussion in the Journal of Neural Engineering. The device can read the minds of people via brainwaves. Then the brainwaves are turned in to text form.

On the positive side, this is a huge breakthrough in the tech industry that can help special people who are unable to speak and aid those who because of any illness are unable to communicate. Also, the machine can be used a ‘telepathic typewriter’. It can write down our thought and remove the whole effort used in typing assignments, texts, posts etc. As per the researchers, this device is at least 90% accurate. It interprets the vowels and consonants in our brain for effective writing.

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As per the scientist part of this innovative creation, David Moses said that “Given the performance exhibited by [the machine] in this work and its capacity for expansion, we are confident in its ability to serve as a platform for the proposed speech prosthetic device.”

Now coming on the flip side of the discovery and highlighting the opinion of the critics this device will also have the authority to access the secrets thoughts of an individual. It might reveal some embarrassing and some astonishing thoughts as well. So for some the mind-reading machine is another milestone achieved in the tech industry while for others it is a device that one should be afraid of.


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