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Development In Pakistan: CDWP Approves $130 Billion Projects Including KCR & Peshawar Rapid Bus

There has been approval of fifteen mega projects by Central Development Working Party in Pakistan. These developmental projects are related to transport & communication, energy, water resources, manpower, environment, education, food & agriculture and governance. These projects would cost almost 130 billion, out of which the Circular Railway Revival in Karachi and Peshawar Sustainable Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Project by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government are the most time consuming and high budgeted ventures and are both in transport and communication sector.

Revival of Circular Railway in Karachi project was also part of CPEC and as it’s a huge development scheme, therefore costs, foreign loans and conditions should be thought out carefully.

The transport plan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is expected to simplify lives of almost 472000 people by construction of 25.8 km long road track along with 32 stations and other commercial areas and facilities. It is instructed by the Minister Ahsan Iqbal to make sure that the constructions of stations are allied with the rich architectural buildings of Peshawar.

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Along with these two projects CPWP has approved a project in Gilgat Biltistan which is a hydro power project and will cost 7.9 billion. Moreover it is being agreed upon to construct 3 dams in Baluchistan in Pashin and Lorlai.

For the youth of Pakistan a project called Prime Minister’s Youth Skill Development Program is being approved which would almost cost 6 billion.

Furthermore projects in environment, education, and food and governance sector are permitted. Establishment of National Facility for Laboratory Animal Research and Care (NFLACR) at PCMD, Construction of Boundary wall of Zoo – Cum – Botanical Garden, Strengthening/Up-gradation of Agriculture and Livestock Research System of Arid Zone Research Institute, Mainstreaming Acceleration and Policy Support (MAPS) for Balochistan Sustainable Development Goals are few other projects that CDWP has approved.

Development is essential for national growth, but it would come with the cost of huge foreign loans and aid.

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