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Developers can now create custom Tiles on Wear OS smartwatches

Google welcomes third-party developers to start creating their own Tiles for Wear OS smartwatches.

Google is now allowing third-party developers to create Tiles on Wear OS smartwatches. The announcement was made in a blog post and said informed developers that they could now create custom tiles with the Jetpack Tiles library.

Previously, users had only six tiles on Wear OS, this is going to change soon.

Google has also said that it will release the update to Wear OS later in the Spring, incorporating the new custom tiles by third-party developers. With these custom tiles, users could interact with various apps on their watch or phone in a much quicker manner than is possible today.

Jolanda Verhoef, Android Developer Relations Engineer at Google, said:

Tiles can be designed for many use cases, like tracking the user’s daily activity progress, quick-starting a workout, starting a recently played song, or sending a message to a favorite contact.

While apps can be immersive, Tiles are fast-loading and focus on the user’s immediate needs. If the user would like more information, Tiles can be tapped to open a related app on the watch or phone for a deeper experience.

To begin working with Tiles, developers can go to the Android Developers page, explaining all the information required to start working on a custom tile.

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