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Denmark Passes Law Banning Niqab and Burqa

Like many other European nations, Denmark has also banned garments that cover the face, which includes face veils like niqab and burqa. This move was condemned by the campaigners of human rights, who referred to it as “neither necessary nor proportionate”.

The law was passed by seventy-five to thirty in the parliament on Thursday and would come into effect from the 1st of August, as per the reports of Guardian.

The government said that the move is not targeted at any religious group and does not impose a ban on headscarves, traditional Jewish skull-caps or turbans.

However, the law is commonly known as the “burqa ban” and is widely seen directed at the dress worn by Muslim women. A small number of Muslim women in Denmark wear full-face veils.

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The ones who would be found violating the ban would be forced to pay a fine of £118 ($157) which would increase ten times more if the rule is broken again by the same violators.

The order of the new law does not mention Muslim women particularly but says that anyone found wearing a veil or garment that hides their face in public would be punished with a fine.

Soren Pape Poulsen—the Justice Minister of Denmark while speaking about the law said that in regards of value, Denmark’s roots and culture is such that they don’t cover their faces or eyes so that they could see each other and also could see the facial expressions, this is a value in Denmark.

France was the first country of Europe to ban the full-face veils in public places. It gave the ruling back in April 2011, seven years after it declared a law forbidding obvious religious symbols in the country schools.

The verdict was later followed by Belgium, which prohibited any clothing that hides a person’s identity in a public place.

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