Dengue fever claims another life in Karachi, death toll reaches 3

Dengue fever claims another life in Karachi, death toll reaches 3

According to a media report, a woman, 54, resident of Karachi’s Landhi area lost her life due to the dengue fever at a local private hospital in the provincial capital on Wednesday.

As per the details, three people have been died so far by the fatal fever in Karachi. The details further claim that the total number of infected people in Karachi reached 618 since the beginning of this year 2019.

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According to the data of the last year, only two deaths were caused by the dengue fever in Karachi.

It is pertinent to mention here that there is no treatment for dengue, which causes symptoms including fever, several joint pain, bleeding, and headaches.

According to a report, about half of the world’s population is at the risk from the mosquito-borne disease, and it affects as many as 100 million people every year mostly in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

The concerned authorities have advised the people to use the mosquito nets and insect repellents while sleeping and to avoid storing the water in the open pots where the larva can breed.

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