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Demand For Pakistani Mangos In Turkish Markets is High

Pakistan is famous for its delicious mouth-watering mangos around the world. In Turkey, Pakistani mangoes are not available on regular basis, therefore, Ambassador of Pakistan to Turkey Sohail Mahmood said that they would now ease availability of mangos in Turkish markets.

He made this announcement on a ceremony of a festival organized by Embassy of Pakistan in Ankara. In the festival, various types of mangoes were exported from Pakistan. On the occasion the ambassador said

“Mango is the king of fruits, Pakistan is the fifth largest producer of mangos, out of over 100 countries, with a production of 1.8 million tons per year.”

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He also added that Pakistan is the sixth biggest exporter of mangos. The taste of Pakistani mangos is the best.

Moreover, Mahmood said that his time period as an ambassador in Turkey is coming to an end

“I take this opportunity to sincerely thank all our friends who have supported us throughout our stay, and enriched our experience in this exceptionally fraternal country,” he said.

Turkish Deputy EU Minister Ali Sahin suggested that “Everyone should go to Pakistan and witness the magnificent hospitality of Pakistanis.”

Also, he complimented Ambassador Mahmood for his hard work in Turkey and said, “In our relations with Mahmood, we found more than an ambassador, we found a friend.”