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Degrees verification made easy by HEC, learn how


The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) has paved way for another online degree authentication program. Through this candidates will have the capacity to apply for validation of their degrees on the web while sitting at home.

HEC has made another portal that the candidates will use for online enlistment and creation of record. The framework has been advanced to encourage degree holders with a bother free instrument where they will never again need to remain in lines for authentication of their records. It came up a few times to make degree verification system easy and HEC has listened to the people.

The candidates may now fill an online application form and transfer his/her examined archives. After accommodation, the application will at first be examined online by HEC. The candidate will then get an email or SMS to timetable his visit at one of HEC workplaces in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar or Quetta.

On booked date and time, the candidate will bring all his/her unique archives alongside a duplicate of the same. This will help them get validated degrees inside a brief time frame. On the off chance that the candidate sends another person on planned time, that individual ought to convey in form of a letter from the candidate.

The candidate may likewise get his/her degrees attested through messenger benefit. For this situation, he/she will choose the method of confirmation through messenger and will submit records and expense with the messenger organization whose points of authority for attestation are accessible on the entrance.

Degrees can now be verified simultaneously and without hassle

For PhD candidates, the check procedure depends on two stages. From dashboard, the candidates will be explored to PhD Country Directory (PCD). The system will make a change on the premise of CNIC or email address given by the user. The client will then include PCD serial number and fill in the information check frame. HEC will check the record for consequent confirmation.

The candidates can likewise re-plan their visit if there should be an occurrence of inability to visit on the time given before. The new system likewise gives the office of following the application on the web.

It is applicable to specify here that the new framework for degree authentication has been connected to Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR). Unless a degree program is recorded in PQR, the candidate won’t have the capacity to continue for confirmation. For this situation, the candidate can contact the central individual of his/her college requesting section of the program in PQR. Rundown of central people is accessible at the verification entrance.

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In spite of the fact that larger part of colleges have been finishing the sections on PQR proactively, however a few colleges whose reaction is ease back are being encouraged to enter their degree programs in PQR at the most punctual in order to streamline confirmation and other related procedures.

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