Decrease in Road Accidents in Islamabad by 29percent – Research Snipers

Decrease in Road Accidents in Islamabad by 29percent

road accidents

According to the Islamabad police, there is a decrease in road accidents by 29percent.

This turn down in accidents can be attributed as an effort of the police department for educating the citizens about the traffic rules and regulations which are already being imposed in the capital city. Last year the ratio of accidents was 157, and in 2019 111 accidents occurred in total, among them 6 people died in fatal accidents and 67 died in numerous road accidents.

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During the first 8 months, 131 accidents have been reported. And now the IG himself is showing interest in improving the traffic situation in the capital city. Speed checking cameras have been installed at various spots which have decreased the frequency of road accidents. These cameras have this advantage that it checks both the speed and the lane violations.

It has been figured out that there are 13 spots which have high chances of road accidents. These spots include IJP road, Faizabad, Kashmir highway, Blue area, 7th Avenue and Qadhafi chowk.

In order to improve the traffic situation, the police have started an initiative entitled “Good citizen patrol” to appreciate the law-abiding citizens. All the law-abiding citizens would be given Good Citizen Sticker as an appreciating gesture. Also, the unit is providing free coffee mugs and gifts to the people following the traffic rules and regulation properly.

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