‘Decision to keep schools open is absolutely wrong’ - Nadeem Mirza – RS News

‘Decision to keep schools open is absolutely wrong’ – Nadeem Mirza

Students Parents Federation of Pakistan chairperson Nadeem Mirza stated that the decision to keep the schools open is ‘absolutely wrong’. He said that we should not risk the lives of students and teachers.

According to the report, he revealed in a video messaged that the ministers are put into huge pressure by the private schools who want to collect hefty feeses from students.

Adding, “The government is supporting private school owners despite a resurgence in coronavirus cases across the country.”

Mirza urged the National Command and Operation Centre to instantaneously announce the closure of educational institutions to keep teachers, students and their families safe from the pandemic.

However, All Sindh Private Schools and Colleges Association chairperson Haider Ali stated, “Everyone agrees to the fact that schools are not the cause of the coronavirus outbreak. And standard operating procedures are being implemented at educational institutions.”

“Online teaching is of no use for 95 per cent of schools and colleges, which is why the academic process should continue.”

In another article, it was revealed that a multinational global market research consulting firm Ipsos conducted a recent survey. In the survey, it was unveiled that 49% of Pakistani parents are hesitant to send their children to schools amidst the resurging of COVID-19 cases.

‘Worsening COVID-19 Realities and Diminishing Threat Perceptions’, was the title of the survey. It was carried out between 28 October and 4 November in which 1,072 people participated.

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