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Daraz to Open 1 Million Jobs by 2022

A press briefing was organized by Daraz in which it was discussed as to what has been achieved by the e-commerce giant. It was discussed as to how to move forward by setting the milestones.

It was announced by Daraz that the aim of the e-commerce platform is to cross 25M monthly visitors, 200,000 active Daraz sellers trained via Daraz University, 1 million jobs created directly and indirectly, 100% yearly growth YoY for the upcoming 4 years, 10 million users in the online payments and a fully digital transformed logistics units by 2 022.

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CEO Daraz Bjarke Mikkelsen spoke in front of the media personnel and different members of the business and civil community and said, “Currently, Daraz Pakistan provides immediate and easy access to 4 million products in more than 100 categories.

Over 2 million Pakistanis use Daraz every day and more than a million packages are delivered to all corners of the country every single month.” He further added, “So far, we have been able to create up to 50,000 jobs, while 2,000 sellers are educated via our new university.”

Furthermore, Mikkelsen elaborated on the additions that will be made to the infrastructure of Daraz in 2018 to enhance the user satisfaction and to increase access to new markets.

Developments introduced by Daraz Pakistan includes the Daraz app that will give a unique shopping experience, Daraz Mall that will allow users to follow their favourite brands, global collection for those users who wish to shop abroad, Daraz wallet for easy payments and immediate refunds .

Mikkelsen added,  “We at Daraz provide advanced offline and online training courses to existing sellers to help them navigate through the many challenges of the business world.”

Adding, “In addition, we are also making efforts to overcome many logistics challenges faced by organizations within Pakistan through the creation of Pakistan’s first logistics company, DEX, which has been specifically designed for e-commerce operations.”