Daily Food Items that Are Turning Your Teeth Yellow

Teeth are the most prominent part of anyone’s personality. May one wants it or not the first thing to get noticed is the teeth when one opens their mouth to speak or to start a conversation. Many people are obsessed about their teeth and their cleaning. In fact, dentists these days are the highest earners owing to the huge number of dental issues and problems. Oral hygiene and dental care is crucial for healthy survival and even for making an impact.

It is recommended that the teeth should be brushed twice daily for keeping them clean and for experiencing less dental troubles. One important concern of all is how to keep the teeth white and shiny always. There are many toothpaste manufacturing companies that claim that using their product would give one the desired results. Also, there is the scaling process that is done on teeth for their cleanliness. Besides these, one should be aware that there are some foods that result in changing the colour of the teeth hence these foods should be avoided or if consumed then should be done so with caution.

Here are the foods that are involved in turning one’s teeth yellow:

Acidic Foods

Citrus fruits and tomatoes are acidic in nature, their acidity wears away at the tooth enamel hence exposing the yellow-hued dentin.

Coffee and Tea

Yes, for every coffee and tea lover out there, be cautious. Coffee has got tannins that could result in causing stains with the passage of time. It also makes it easier for the acidic foods to cause more damage, similar is the case with tea, have you ever noticed coffee or tea stains on white clothes? They will never go away.

Some Berries

The pigment that gives berries the deep colour is a big stainer. The biggest ones are blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and pomegranates.

Anything that contains food dye

Popsicles, candy or sports drinks come in bright colours. Food colouring could be harsh on both the tooth enamel and exposed roots.

In order to prevent these food items to cause permanent staining, brush teeth right after eating these foods and go for regular dentist check-ups.

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