Daewoo Drops Bus Ticket Rates Upto 45%, Starting From Today

The biggest bus service in Pakistan, Daewoo Pakistan Express is offering up to 45% discounts on various routes starting from today, September 12.

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Daewoo wants to bring luxury and comfort to travelers at a cheap rate. The offer begins today but no end date is known. According to an official of Daewoo, the company wants to keep these cheap fares for quite a long period of time to bring ease to travelers and to ensure that more and more customers are attracted towards their bus service.

The drop rates for OFF Peaks hours from 9 pm to 9 am are

  1. Lahore to Rawalpindi = Rs 800
  2. Lahore to Multan = Rs 600
  3. Lahore to Faisalabad = Rs 300

Drop rates for Peak hours from 9 am to 9 pm are

  1. Lahore to Rawalpindi = Rs 1100
  2. Lahore to Multan = Rs 750
  3. Lahore to Faisalabad = Rs 350

Further discounted rates

  1. Peshawar to Karachi = Rs. 3500
  2. Rawalpindi to Multan = Rs. 1100
  3. Lahore to Peshawar = Rs. 1000
  4. Lahore to Sargodha = Rs. 400
  5. Lahore to Sialkot = Rs. 400

The goal of Daewoo is to bring the finest experience for the travelers, to ensure they enjoy more and pay less and to connect Pakistan together.

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