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Daewoo Cab App Aimed At Competing Uber And Careem—Launched

Various news sites creating hype and a whole new story by giving it a title “Daewoo launched its own ride-hailing app”

You might think that Daewoo just launched this “Daewoo Cab App” but it was launched almost a year back in 2016. When Daewoo started its cab services, the transporter launched its app soon after to book a taxi conveniently and on the go.

The app didn’t get much popular in the beginning even before the ride hailing giants Uber and Careem entered the market.

Careem and Uber also created opportunity for Daewoo which the company wishes to leverage now, it’s the time to hit the nail right in the head when consumers in Pakistan are getting used to with ride hailing services and making them successful in the market.

Daewoo Cab App Offerings

Daewoo has tweaked their app with some updates similar to the ride hailing apps like Uber and Careem. In a similar way, people can now set their pick-up and drop-off locations via Google maps in the app.

If you use Careem or Uber for rides then using Daewoo Cab App for you is not difficult, you can simply download the app and start using it. However, mentioning other service information and promotions are worth mentioning here.

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Daewoo ride-hailing service is currently available in the following cities;

  • Islamabad/Rawalpindi
  • Lahore
  • Karachi
  • Multan
  • Faisalabad
  • Peshawar
  • Abbottabad
  • Sialkot
  • Sukkur

Daewoo also offers promotional code for users in Karachi and get Rs. 300 off their first ride. The promo code is; DAEWOOFIRST


Daewoo cab services would cost you almost double as compared to Uber and Careem. Daewoo says, “They have premier service and have only executive/business cars in their fleet”

You can add your easy paisa account, debit/credit card to make payments, little edge over rivals with easy paisa account. But Daewoo has not mentioned anything about cash which means they do not offer cash payments.

Pros And Cons

Well Daewoo have both pluses and minuses in their offerings, to some extent they are able to grab a little chunk of the market by offering different service for different customers.


  • Premium service having Toyota GLi/Xli in the fleet
  • Offers payments via easy paisa account
  • Offers promotions in Karachi


  • Limited to 9 cities
  • Too Expensive
  • No cash payments
  • Limited fleet, can cause long delays
  • Limited market like business class

You can download their app from Play store for your Android and Apple Store, for your iOS