Daewoo Bus Service Announces Huge Discounts on Multiple Routes

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Daewoo Express Bus Service officially resumed its operations across Pakistan on 10th July 2020. But the bus service has not revealed how it would be following the SOPs amidst the pandemic. However, they have made the announcement regarding discounts on few of the routes.

The discounted fare from Lahore to Bahawalpur route is Rs.1000 from Rs.1250. The discounted rate from Lahore to Khanewal is Rs.900 from Rs.1050. Similarly from Lahore to Sadiqabad it is Rs.1600 from Rs1850, from Rawalpindi to Sadiqabad it is Rs.1800 from Rs.2180, from Rawalpindi to Bahwalpur it is Rs.1100 from Rs1600, from Rawalpindi to Swat it is Rs.700 from Rs950, from Rawalpindi to D.I. Khan the new rates are Rs.1000 from Rs.1150, and from Rawalpindi to Multan they are Rs.1000 from Rs.1450.

For a couple of months, Daewoo Express had to halt its operations amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Then the bus service partially resumed operations in late May and early June. The service was open for specific routes. Now it has been opened for operations across Pakistan.

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A video was also shared by Daewoo Express where one of their staff members was disinfecting the buss and another members was checking the travelers temperatures before the boarding.

All across Pakistan Daewoo Express is a reliable, trusted service. Now as the business activities are resuming, Daewoo bus service wants to lead from the front.

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