Daehan Shehzore is a fake Chinese Replica of Hyundai H-100 – Hyundai Nishat-Updated – Research Snipers

Daehan Shehzore is a fake Chinese Replica of Hyundai H-100 – Hyundai Nishat-Updated


The Original Source of this News Story has been removed, so we are unable to check the authenticity of the facts mentioned in the below article, It should be taken with a grain of salt, an apology for the inconvenience, it may have caused.


Quite recently Dewan Motors launched all-new Daehan Shehzore in Pakistan in collaboration with Daehan Motors Co. Ltd. Now as per Hyundai Nishat Motor Pakistan Daehan Shehzore is a fake Chinese replica. The company posted on Facebook claiming that Dewan Motors just launched a replica of original Hyundai pickup, Hyundai H-100.

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The post is as following

“A TV commercial being aired these days is of ‘Daehan Shehzore’ which is Chinese replica of our original Hyundai H-100. That is why it is not called ‘Hyundai Shehzore’ anymore! Its a fake product and has no relation with Original Hyundai H-100 which we will be launching soon!”

Hyundai Nishat Reponse

Hyundai Nishat will soon launch its original Hyundai H-100. It is pertinent to mention here that in the past Dewan launched its Shehzore pickup in a joint collaboration with Hyundai. Then it was discontinued in 2010 and now it is being again launched but this time in collaboration with Daehan Motors Co. Ltd.

Now Hyundai Nishat is launching its own pickup and Dewan Motors have launched their own. This has given rise to a competition between the two. It will be seen in the time that which pickup is more liked and appreciated among the Pakistani masses.

Both Daehan Shehzore and Hyundai H-100 will have Hyundai engine. There will be the difference in the features of the two pickups. Now Hyundai has made a commitment to Nishat Motors that will not sell any engines to Dewan-Daehan in future as they are only producing fake Chinese replicas.

Also, there are chances that Nishat will get into a legal battle with Dewan but as of yet, nothing is known on this matter.

The company did say, “Since the product design is a replica of our Hyundai H-100 and Body was made in China without having any license agreement with Hyundai Motor South Korea. It is, by all means, a counterfeit product.”