Cynthia De Ritchie Defamation Case Is Not Being Taken Seriously By The Police


Islamabad court has issued another notice seeking a reply by June 12, expressing frustration over the police’s failure to file a response to a request to file a case against US citizen Cynthia De Ritchie.

Islamabad Additional Sessions Judge Abida Sajjad heard Waqas Abbasi’s application for registration of the case. Despite the court notice, no action was taken by the police. The court now asks for the written answer.

Chaudhry Zahid Asif and Chaudhry Khanzada Advocate appeared in the court on behalf of the petitioner.

The petition states that Cynthia De Ritchie, an American citizen, used vulgar language against Benazir Bhutto and launched a vain campaign against her on social media, asking the police to register a case against the American citizen. The petitioner said that no action was taken by the police so the court should issue orders to the police to register a case against Cynthia de Richie.

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