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Cybersecurity Chief of India Praises DG ISPR


The Lt. Gen (retd.) Rajesh Pant, the New cybersecurity chief of India has praised DG ISPR on Saturday and criticised the various public relation officers of the 3 wings of the Indian Army.

While speaking at a seminar, he said that there is a need for a unified public relations system for the India Army. He quoted the example of Pakistan Army and mentioned that they have got their act together in the narrative warfare.

Pant has asked for an equivalent of the DG ISPR for the Indian Army. He said that there are 3 wings of the Indian armed forces and they had their own public relations officers and hence they are going in 3 different directions.

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He was cited by The Times of India as saying that when are they going to have their own equivalent of the DG ISPR as the Indian armed forces services have their own PRs and they are going in various ways. He added that somebody at the national level now has to look at the outlook warfare and needs to implement it in the different domains.

The Indian cybersecurity chief said that ever since the army of Pakistan had created the post of DG ISPR they have got their act together.

He mentioned that when the DG ISPR conducts narrative warfare on the occupied Kashmir, the spokesperson of the Pakistan Army tells the world that human rights were being violated in the occupied territory.

Major General Asif Ghafoor was hired at the post of DG ISPR in the month of December 2016. He was a successor of Major General Asim Bajwa. Maj Gen Ghafoor was leading a division in Swat before he was asked to lead the media wing of Pakistan Army.

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