Cyber-Secure Pakistan: Vision 2025, Combating Cyber Security Challenges in Pakistan

Pakistani government

The National Security Adviser Nasser Khan Janjua has called upon the need for taking foolproof steps to respond to Cyber Security Challenges in Pakistan.

The National Security Advisor attended the conference organized in Islamabad featuring “Cyber-Secure Pakistan: Vision 2025” by Pakistan Information Security Association PISA on Thursday, he said the above while addressing the conference.

According to him, the information security agencies should play a vibrant role in combating cybersecurity challenges in Pakistan. They should develop systems to keep the web space under surveillance in order to protect communications, financial matters, and cyber-attacks. People in Pakistan, organizations, and government need to understand the potential of threats—he added.

As Pakistan is heading towards digitalization cyberspace should be watched properly, it could paralyze the whole system and infiltrate national security along with financial loses—IT experts say.

Janjua also called upon IT and cybersecurity experts to assist the government, departments, and organizations to tighten the security measures.

Dr. Aminuddin Abdul Wahab, Chief Executive CyberSecurity Malaysia said We have taken steps at the governmental level to strengthen the Cyber Security, we added eight cyber laws and created a partnership with local universities in this regard.

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Ammar Jeffery, President PISA said it is in the best interests of Pakistan to timely develop systems that ensure cyber security in the country. Various information security firms, National Police Foundation and a number of students from various universities attended the event.

Somalian officials were also present at the conference including Foreign Policy Adviser to the President of Somalia and Somalian Ambassador to Pakistan. They said Pakistan has great potential to combat cybersecurity and Somalia is keen to learn from Pakistan and implement their knowledge, expertise, and experience in their own country, both countries agreed to share knowledge and enhance bilateral relations.