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Cyber Harassment Helpline received 2302 complaints within 2 years

Cyber Harassment Helpline

A Large part of complaints gotten by the Cyber Harassment Helpline overseen by Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) in recent years was by ladies.

Subtleties of the information gathered by the Helpline on nature and degree of the issue of online harassment have partaken in the report titled ‘Cyber Harassment Helpline Two Years Report’ propelled this month. The report likewise contains suggestions for public bodies to enhance their institutional reaction to online harassment.

Amid this period, the Helpline got 2,302 complaints from December 1, 2016, till November 30, 2018, with an average of 91 calls every month. Around 59 percent of the calls at the Helpline were by women, though 41 percent of the callers were men- – nonetheless, take note of that few men were approaching on behalf of women.

Facebook is the most broadly utilized stage in Pakistan, which is reflected in the way that 29 percent of the helpline callers experienced harassment there.

Dominant part of the calls were gotten from Punjab (57 percent). The Helpline likewise gotten calls from Sindh (15 percent), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (3 percent), Balochistan (1 percent), Azad Kashmir and FATA (1 percent) and the Federal Capital, Islamabad (5 percent).

The greatest number of complaints were of the non-consensual use of data. These cases included utilizing, sharing disseminating, and manipulating information, for example, photos, telephone numbers, contact details, and other individual data.

The second most regular calls included extorting which frequently involves utilizing a person’s personal data and mental manipulation to make threats and requests. Other most normal cases incorporate hacking and unsolicited contact.

The report says that in the previous two months, the helpline has encountered a convergence of calls identifying with mobile-based scams that prey with respect to the trust of people. A standout amongst the most widely recognized sorts includes scams to pick up WhatsApp codes of mobile clients, which thus prompts the hacking of their WhatsApp account.

The Cyber Harassment Helpline was propelled on December 1, 2016, and is the regions first devoted helpline that tends to issues of online abuse and violence by giving a free, safe, gender sensitive and classified service.
The Helpline provides legal advice, digital security support, psychological counseling and a proper referral network to complainants of online harassment. The toll-free number [0800-39393] is available every day from 9 am to 5 pm.

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