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cyber crime bill: another conviction comes forward

cyber crime bill

A web-based social networking user from Lahore has been given a capital punishment today by the Anti-Terrorism Court for sharing irreverent substance about Islam on Facebook, Dawn revealed. This is the principal example of such level of cruel discipline identified with cyber crime so far in Pakistan. The cyber crime bill which has been recently implemented aims to curb out any voices that spread negativity about Islam or state. People convicted under the bill can be charged by court. Many human right organizations have called onto the government for drafting another bill that ensures freedom of expression on the internet, but to no heed. Many speculate that the cyber crime bill is another way for the government to go on political witch hunting.

The 30-year-old blamed was captured by the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) and the sacrilege charges were leveled against him at CTD Multan police headquarters.

The man has been blamed for sharing disdainful comments and substance about spouses of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on Facebook.

Cyber crime bill was implemented last year and passed by the PML (N) government

The administration of Pakistan has as of late begun making strict move against profane substance shared on the online networking platforms. Pakistan Telecommunication Agency reported that it has gotten 3000 grumblings identified with profane substance. Though, Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar, declared that more than 150 Facebook pages have been obstructed. This is because of censorious and impious substance about Islam that they promote. The government has asked for the help of Facebook administration to curb down any anti-state voices. It should be kept in mind that there was a  previous case being of the abducted bloggers who were identified for blasphemous reasons as well.

In endeavors to control the spread of online irreverent substance, Chaudhry Nisar additionally undermined to ban Facebook in the nation. Which is the reason a Facebook delegate is additionally anticipated that would visit Pakistan so as to achieve a settlement with the Government as to profanation.

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The question arises is, are we even doing enough as a nation to protect our freedom of speech?

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