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“Cybaries” to Replace Libraries—Says PHEC

Dr Muhammad Nizamuddin—Chairman Higher Education Commission Punjab (PHEC) said that the concept of libraries is undergoing a change in the modern times and the old-style of libraries must be replaced by “cybraries” with multimedia facilities.

The Chairman PHEC was addressing at the launch event of the Punjab Higher Education Commission’s newly started capacity building project of the university librarians of the province. The ceremony was held at the Punjab University Library on Friday.

He said that the libraries are no more just big buildings having bookshelves, instead the libraries these days must have theatres, discussion rooms, multimedia sections, online access to thousands of books and art and culture galleries.

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Dr Nizamuddin added that the scientific documentaries must be screened at the theatres for showing the recent developments to the students regarding their relevant fields. He added that the old way of just delivering the lectures to the students is not enough.

He suggested that there should be separate rooms for discussion in each library where the debates, student-teacher interactions and discussion on different topics should be encouraged.

Mentioning the prospects of the workshop, Chairman PHEC said that the training was much more than just a capacity-building activity, it is also a platform for discussing that how libraries could be made more effective.

The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) have established e-libraries in twenty districts of Punjab in collaboration with the Youth Affairs, Sports, Archaeology and Tourism Department (YASAT).

These libraries have been set-up with the target of boosting the e-reading and e-learning culture, for the exchange of views, for granting access to the public extensively for networking and for the provision of free access to the members of the subscribed resources for keeping the youth occupied in healthy reading habits.

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