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Cute Kid Ahmed Shah Launches his Adventure Game

Ahmed Shah

The famous kid, Ahmed Shah has now entered into the gaming arena. He has launched his adventure game; featuring himself.

We all are now familiar with the famous kid with specs—Ahmed Shah, who won many hearts with his cute accent and remarks. He is widely known for his most popular phrase—Peechay Dekho. He became an overnight celebrity when one of his videos went viral on social media.

Ahmed Shah speaks with a Northern accent. He makes everyone laugh just through his way of talking. The kid has also made many television appearances.

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A mobile video game has been launched featuring Ahmed Shah as the lead character. The 2D game which resembles a lot like Mario from the Nintendo days features nearly 150 levels within fifteen different worlds.


The most notable and definitely the most intriguing thing about the video game is that it features the popular catchphrases of Ahmed Shah like “Peechay Dekho” and many such more.

The game is only available on Google Play store presently and there is no planned version for the iOS users. The game has already experienced more than thousand times download and could be acquired easily on the Android devices.

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